What are the ways to generate leads by your Small Business?

What are the ways to generate leads by your Small Business?

What are the ways to generate leads by your Small Business?


The Covid-19 pandemic caused much turbulence in the economy of the nation. A small business is more hit by the following pandemic. But now the situation has improved a lot and small businesses has started to incur some profits. But still if you are incurring loss, then change your digital marketer! Hire the best outsourcing companies in Florida.

What is lead generation?

It is the process to grab the interest of probable customers, who can buy your products in the near future. It is basically a form of Probable customers- enquiring about services or call from potential clients or an email & direct message from a would-be customer.

Lead generation process

  1. Direct Contact-Remain in contact with your previous and your probable customers. If you are B2B business, it is always better to be in touch so that if there is demand, your name crops up.
  2. Keep in contact with CXO’S-These people are the decision makers in every company. Keep in touch with them.
  3. Local business– Make sure that you have a Google my business account. List your business in all the famous listing sites in your locality.
  4. Use LinkedIn– LinkedIn is a powerful social media because all the business minded people are here. This can be an excellent source of leads.
  5. Use paid advertisement-You can use Google, Bing, etc for advertisements. Implement remarketing strategies in your website.
  6.  Refer-Ask satisfied customers to refer your business. This is promoting your business by your customers.
  7. Trial– Run trial of your business. Don’t run the trial for more than 15 days.
  8.  Offer– If you want leads in your site, then provide good offer.
  9.  Discounts– This is a super way to bring leads to your website.
  10. Webinar-Organize a webinar and draw a lot of traffic
  11.  Podcast– This can generate a lot of traffic. A podcast is live interview of some influencer.
  12. Hire an influencer– This technique also provides rich results. The fan of the influencer can become your lead.
  13. Blogs, Vlogs and Videos– These are very power aspect of your website.
  14.  Provide free PDFs-Provide free PDFs to drive traffic in your site.
  15. Use of Social media– This will bring a lot of leads to your site. Sites likes Pinterest, Instagram, Face book, Twitter etc. are very famous here in the United States. Hell lot of people visit these sites
  16.  SEO-Solid but cheap way to bring long-term leads. It may take 6 months to 1 year to rank any website.
  17. Forum posting-This activity too bring qualified leads. But if you try do any spamming your account will be banned

Lead generation is very necessary today. It is very difficult to find qualified leads. This is a huge problem that most of the website face. Irreverent people visit them with no conversion. So, it is well established that lead generation is a tough. In this blog I have discussed strategies to generate leads. Implement them and all the best.