Our Telecom support team is one of the most robust and functional units. We have integrated these services within our service delivery network of Sunshine Info Solutions to help our clients achieve maximum benefits from us. We want to ensure that each of our corporate customers is able to strategically reach out to their customers. With over years of experience in the business we have gained that knowledge and expertise to suit all your requirements from start to finish. We guarantee that our experience will exceed your expectations. Allow us to do it for you at a very competitive price.

Sunshine Info Solutions helps businesses rendering telecom management services to their customers. For them, IT resources are vital to ensure their day to day operations. This helps them achieve seamless connectivity with their customers. In case there is a technical snap in the process, our technical team steps in and resolves the issues within a very short period of time. We understand that your time is money and needs are important so we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction work. Our team of experienced and highly skilled professionals take pride in every service provided to our clients on time and on budget.

No job is too big or small for us. We are always available for our customers to help them conduct disruption free business. We help, understand and give advice to our clients up until they are not satisfied. Once you reach out to us we guarantee you can keep peace of mind that you are in safe hands.

For any query, information and assistance, CONTACT US NOW!!!

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Market research & Survey

Well-fashioned market research and surveys act as the key to any successful marketing effort.  Market Research Surveys are the right choice for your business as it provides targeted observations into consumer perspectives. It is typically used to determine customers’ brand awareness and loyalty. This can be further used as a guide to form organizational strategies to help develop or maintain a competitive advantage.

The Surveys aid the organizations to acquire critical info and viewpoints of the target audience, such as desirable product/service features, prospect of using a particular product/service, projected frequency of usage, success of advertising or marketing strategies, and also the extent to which a product/service sufficiently meets the customer needs.  The information gathered by market research and surveys allows the business enterprises to better evaluate market demands, market size, enumerate current and future competitions, evaluate economic factors, detect the best marketing medium, and the strategies required to meet those demands.

Having determined our client’s expectations, we assist them to tailor their business practices to suit their intended demographics. Conducting a market research survey also helps to know the competitors better. It offers an added benefit of comprehending the business operational region, and what marketing strategies would help to market a business better.


The ERP systems need constant maintenance and updating to maintain its efficiency. The primary problems in ERP modules arise in the form of migration support, security alerts and upgrades. Today, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are working hard to meet the needs of our local and international clients.

There are certain advantages of taking ERP maintenance services from our end. One of the advantages involves a team of specialists who are always ready to offer the best in class services to our clients.

The managed services on ERP platforms have been discussed below:

  • Quality Control

  • Administrative Support

  • Remote Administrative Services

  • Complete ERP systems On Cloud Management

We are proud to help our clients within maximum on demand support services. Some of our USPs are:

  • Round the clock availability

  • Emergency call services

  • Knowledge support and sharing

Specialized Services

A computer or a PC is a sensitive device and requires maximum attention to keep it running and functional all the time. There are certain computer repairing services which require a high level of skill and caution to avoid data loss and further loss of efficiency. We are experts in handling critical computer related issues which would lead to any kind of conflict related to data loss.

Plus, we assist our domestic and corporate customers to carry out specialized services which might even include virus protection services. Get in touch with us in case you feel that we have the best in class resources to help you resolve your computer related problems.

Sunshine Info Solutions has a host of specialized services which includes data recovery, data protection and specialized virus protection for additional layering against suspected hacking attacks.

Managed Services

Interruptions can lead to uncomfortable client to customer relationships which would create a negative impact on your balance sheets. At Sunshine Info Solutions our specialized computer repair and maintenance services are aimed at managing the end outcomes. Thus, we have separate network teams for domestic computer users and high end corporate customers.

However, we maintain a highly stable platform of assistance for our customers to help them meet their day to day challenges arising due to the complexities arising out of modern computer systems. We have created a highly responsive team of IT support professionals having expertise and knowledge on a variety of service domains.

Get in touch with us since we ensure the following for your business:

  • Least downtime for your computer (since we resolve it quickly)

  • Complete Data Security and Recover Assistance in case it is needed

  • Friendly support staff

On-Demand IT Support

You demand it and we provide it. Yes, Sunshine Info Solutions is a service provider which you can count on. Our flawless and seamless on demand IT support services helps you overcome disruptions in your business network. There are two ways you can avoid sudden technological disruptions using our professional IT Support and maintenance services. Our team of engineers is specifically assigned for carrying out IT servicing in spite of physical barriers. They hardly matter in today’s world of business since technology has blessed us with real time remote access tools which allow us to service multiple clients across different geographical locations simultaneously.

What are the benefits of availing On Demand IT Support from us?

There are numerous benefits of availing services from our dedicated IT Support team. Some of them are

  • IT Staff dedicatedly working for your assistance

  • Flexible Payment Structure

  • Quick Service and assistance

  • Greater market opportunities with access to several advanced technologies