Some useful free tools to use in digital marketing

In Digital marketing there are many free tools. Thanks to artificial intelligence, more and more improved tools are coming up. But some of them are useful, some are not so useful. But before using any tool, one should know how to use them. Then, only we can utilize the full benefit of it. If your small business is still incurring loss then please hire the best outsourcing companies in Florida. Let talk about these free tools.

Why these stuffs are free?

Whenever we get anything free, most of us think that it is very cheap. But it is not true for these tools. It is a subscription-based business, so the basic tool is free, only the premium one is paid. The completely free ones are also not bad-they are basically used for branding purposes.

Let us share some tools.

  1. Canva- It is a very good tool for creating free pictures. The paid version is there but it is not required. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to use Canva.
  2. Similarweb- We can find the website traffic through this free tool. Also, we can find the website’s global ranking and traffic coming from which country.
  3. Keyword planner- There are many tools for keyword research but this one is the best. More this one comes directly from Google.
  4. SEOquake- It is mainly an SEO audit tool. It can do many jobs from keyword research to keyword difficulty and density.
  5. Google optimizer- It is a tool by Google. It is the only free tool for A/B testing. It is based on Bayesian statistics.
  6. Google forms- Another Google product. It creates free online forms on regular basis.
  7. Google drive-It is most beneficial and used by the most. It is an online storage space provided by cloud computing.
  8. Google trends- It is an online tool that predicts the popularity of a keyword in a particular place.
  9. AnswerTHEPublic– It is the website that tells the question asked by the maximum no. of people.
  10. Screaming Frog– It is a free tool with lots of features. Features like broken link fixation, detection, analyzing page titles, metadata, etc
  11. Pepper type. ai-It is an AI-based free tool that helps in many areas. It is especially helpful in the PPC, content creation, title generator, etc.

Free kinds of stuff are ruling this world. In Google most of the products are free. This is done to enhance the brand image. Also, it is the nature of people that they won’t buy anything until they get something free.