Best Bid strategies for PPC for small business

If you are a small business and want to earn profit instantly then pay per click(PPC) is a very good option. The same cannot be done by SEO.SEO do bring visitors to the website, but it takes 3 months to 1 year. Yes, that’s true online advertising help in this regard. There are many companies that earn their revenue on this aspect. But if you want to earn profits then hire the best outsourcing companies in Florida. We have a dedicated team of experts in this trade. Here we are talking about particularly Google.

What are PPC bidding strategies?

Bidding is a mechanism or technique in which Google bots run our campaigns successfully. There are 1 manual bidding and 10 automated biddings. The automated biddings are based on machine learning. As a result of this, we should have historical data of previous campaigns. Only in the case of manual bidding, this rule is not valid.

The PPC Bidding strategies

  1. Manual CPC bidding-This is the only non-automated bidding strategy. It gives a lot of control to advertisers. Here the advertiser has the master power. This is the eldest strategy and Google is thinking to replace it.
  2. Enhanced CPC bidding-This bid strategy is very similar to Manual CPC. The difference is that Google might change the bid amount if any chance of conversion arises. Increase or decrease both can happen.
  3. Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)- This bidding strategy is based on solely impressions. This is used only in display and Youtube ads.
  4. Cost Per Thousand Viewable Impressions (vCPM)- This is used only in display and Youtube ads.
  5. Cost-Per-View Bidding (CPV)- This is only for Youtube ads. This strategy is based on views. If anyone watches your video for 30 sec then it is counted as 1 view.
  6. Target Cost Per Acquisition-If conversion is your primary goal then this strategy is for you. Here we have to set the cost of acquisition. We cannot use this strategy we do not have enough historical data. Say 30 campaign data. For this strategy to be implemented you should set up conversion tracking.
  7. Target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)- This bidding helps to maximize conversions based value you want to get for spending on the ad. The return is percentage-based. For running this strategy we need to have enough historical data else this strategy won’t work.
  8. Maximize Conversions– In this type of strategy, you have to fix a daily budget and machine learning tries to maximize your conversion at that cost.
  9. Maximize Conversion Value-Here the algorithm will try to maximize conversions. The daily budget is money spend on the ad.
  10. Maximize Clicks-This algorithm is similar to maximize conversions. The only difference is clicks
  11. Target Impression Share Bidding– This bidding strategy works well with people doing branding. According to this algorithm, your ad will appear anywhere in first of Google SERP.

Google ads is great for drivng traffic to any website but it is also a great tool to do branding of any service or product. Anyone can implemenent these bids strategies according to their own needs.