About Us

BPO is a sort of influencing technology or proficient operating vendors to deliver and execute the vital and non-vital applications and processes of an organization. A BPO makes a line of difference from the third party ‘Application Service Provider’ (ASP) by addressing the latest technological service or by freshly applying the existing technology to enhance the process. The BPO organizations offered business process outsourcing services that help many offshore companies to handle their supplementary business actions. The BPO industry indicates an improvement of a business in a continuous process by gaining new customers, maintaining old and existing customers, and offering excellent service- a formula for attaining victory and it yields rich dividends.

SIS delivers a wide variety of services that encompasses IT and IT Related Services in every significant Voice and Non-Voice section of the BPO space. At SIS, the experts are conducting all sorts of jobs in this firm for years offering you abundant time to underscore your business processes. Our experts perform the peripheral activities efficiently intending to drive your business forward by accommodating it with manpower, research, analytics, and technological services. The services need to be organized properly as it aids SIS in different ways:

Reduce management work: SIS is always focused to reduce the stress of work management as it helps the organization to make utilize their valuable time in executing new plans and effective strategies which would enhance the future growth of the business.


Attain competitive sharpness: A well-organized outsourcing services enable the organization to employ its resources in an efficient way. The solution helps the organization taste the flavor of success in the financial market. At SIS, the experts analyze every aspect of business and formulate an effective plan at an ideal time in order to beat the industry rivals and attain a competitive advantage.


Offer effective client support: The satisfaction of the clients is the key factor of success for any organization. Since SIS is a BPO company, it handles especially the managerial functions and as a result, it possesses sufficient time to offer the client proper support services. This enables SIS to attract more clients and to gain its business goals within a short period.


Lessening in operation expense: SIS mainly executes the noncore and managerial functions which enable the company to reduce the operating expense required to develop the basic scheme, technology, and machinery.


Lessen Hazards: SIS is efficient in handling the hazards in a quite favorable way and also executes certain strategies to resolve the issues so that the hazards do not create trouble again in the future.

SIS is committed to delivering the finest quality assistance through their highly skilled experts like the proficient data entry supervisors with better typing speed. SIS adopts the latest technology, software equipment and state-of-the-art machinery for operating the non-core strategies of business conveniently. Many experienced entrepreneurs have promoted SIS from different verticals. SIS has developed a unique work ethic not to serve just as an assistance provider but to deliver an end-to-end solution and work as an all-time partner with our clients. SIS adopts an adaptable and flexible model to satisfy the needs of its clients in order to gain excellence. The service of SIS includes the following:

  • Better quality telephonic conversation and web-based consumer assistance and sales support
  • Achieving their quality benchmarks
  • Reaching maximum value of customer


SIS is always focused to listen to the demands of the customer and realizing the necessities of your business. Our experts make a detailed study of the requirement of the business, audiences, and the competition to enhance the growth of the company. We design and execute strategies to offer clients the best effective results and creative solutions that provide an outstanding user experience. Technology and talent unite here and enable us to attain our business goals. The standards and technologies that SIS operates include:

  • Application of efficient computer telecommunication technologies
  • The establishment of art operated by qualified people
  • The entire BPO services are operated in a protected environment as it possesses much confidential information.
  • The latest technology is used to manage Job assignments, Auditing and Accounting processes, Data processing, and transfer of Audio files and Data.

At SIS, we aim to supervise the market worldwide by offering entire customer experience solutions by helping our clients to achieve success and operating their results in a responsible, safe and effective way. The specialized teams and our IT-enabled services maximize the performance of our operations. Our operational structure is based on reliability, flexibility, and experience. We are always focused to exceed the objectives of our clients and our motive is to connect with more customers and solve their issues globally. Our commitment is toward the development of our society and the benefits of our environment. This makes us the leading outsourcing company in the market of global economy.