Retention Strategies

Retention Strategies

Operations Staff :

For any organization retention of the right skills is always a challenge. SIS strives to retain high potential employees for a longer duration. SIS’s policy on compensation is to ensure above-average compensation than that market. The average age of new hires is increased to ensure greater stability Employee Satisfaction.

A survey is institutionalized to ensure that the voice of employees is formally captured. The results of these surveys are discussed by the management team and action plans formulated.

Our Value Propositions :

SIS’s value proposition is based on its mission to provide Highest Quality Assurance at the most Competitive Price. SIS has a dedicated support team working round the clock to ensure smooth working. As per the client’s demand, we can offer as close as 12-hour TAT due to our systematic, methodical approach in the execution of work. The Time Zone advantage India offers further expedites TAT. All SIS employees sign a mandatory confidentiality agreement to further ensure confidentiality policy. Distinctive Skills, Uniqueness, and global outlook are key differentiating factors between SIS and all other players. They help SIS offer customized solutions with quality deliverables, which is a vital part of any business association. With one of the finest operations teams available in-country today, SIS boasts of varied industry experience at the international level through its board members and employees. As described in the attached resumes of key personnel, we are proud to have globally educated and globally experienced staff working in various functional areas.