How Digital Marketing can help CPA s ?

Digital marketing is the most trending phrase over the internet today. Digital marketing which is not a new thing is also a product of outsourcing. So you can hire one of the best outsourcing companies in Florida. Today my focus is different. Today I am going to speak about CPAs and how can their visibility be increased by means of digital marketing.

Who is a CPA?

CPA(certified public accountant) is a professional who has done state-level licensing to earn the CPA designation through educational training, relevant experience and passing a certification exam which is called the CPA exam. This is generally done in the USA.

What are the things that a CPA does?

  1. Audit and review
  2. Consulting
  3. Litigation services.
  4. Financial planning
  5. Tax consulting services.
  6. Public Accounting.

What Digital strategies are a must for CPA?

  1. The first and foremost thing is to create a website. The website should be quick-loading and responsive. Build a very attractive landing page.
  2. Give sufficient information about your degree and the work you do.
  3. Take testimonials from your clients. If possible take it in the video format.
  4. Include videos on your landing page. This will improve your conversion rate.
  5. List yourselves in all the famous local directories in your city. Local recognition is very important.
  6. Create an offer eg bookkeeping services free with accounting services.
  7. Use the fear of missing out (FOMO) concept of marketing.
  8. Use enticing lead magnets on your website and landing page to bring leads to your website.
  9. Use the power of social media to harness sales. Popular social media profiles in the USA are a must.
  10. Take the help of google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads to do your branding.
  11. Give some discounts to your loyal customers to retain them.
  12. Give free trials of your services for 10 to 15 days but not more than that.
  13. Take advantage of webinar and podcast marketing

If these strategies are followed religiously then it will definitely help CPAs to establish them in the local market.