How Digital Marketing will change in the coming decade?

Marketing and Digital marketing are not two different concepts, but the latter is the improved version of the former. From time immemorial, we have advanced ahead; it is our nature to march forward. The new advanced form of marketing is helping us to sail across the Doldrums with great speed. Why I am favoring digital marketing because of some reasons which I am going to reveal in a while. But if you are not  happy with your  digital marketer switch to  one of the  best  outsourcing companies in Florida

What is Digital Marketing?

Any marketing activity done online is digital marketing. In this type of marketing, the seller does not come in direct contact with the buyer.
This marketing is passive in nature, we can call it indirect marketing.

Some Channels

  1. Internet.
  2. Email.
  3. Podcast.
  4. Webinar.
  5. PDF.
  6. Whitepapers.
  7. Blogs & Vlogs
  8. Videos.

Why Digital marketing?

  1. It is very cheaper than traditional marketing.
  2. Promotions done via the above channels are digital marketing.
  3. In online marketing, specific targeting is possible which is not there in traditional marketing.

Digital marketing is a big thing & the changes in the coming decade.

  1. Most people prefer digital media over traditional media.
  2. Video & streaming video are emerging content of the next generation.
  3. All the smart bid strategies are created using machine learning.
  4. Augmented Reality and virtual reality are going to the digital future of advertising. In this decade, advertising will be only through AR technology.
  5. Social media is going to rock in the coming decade as it is rocking now.
  6. Easy to learn and implement.
  7. All the tools in digital marketing are made using AI technology. AI is going to stay in the coming decade.
  8. Search by typing will surely be obsolete. Most people will search by voice search.
  9. Contact centers will be filled with bots, robots, and spiders Instead of Humans.
  10. Yes, it is true that this era will take a lot of jobs of humans, especially those who are in the documentation sector. Automation will be present everywhere.

There is no difference between digital marketing and marketing. The former is a division of the latter. Only the medium of application is different.