How to improve keyword rankings on the search engine results page?

Keyword ranking is very important today. Most of the products are sold through the search engine results page (SERP). So keyword ranking is important. As in the USA, 82.95% of the people access Google SERP, we are considering Google as the standard SERP here. But if you are still incurring losses, change your digital marketer. There are some problems with your keywords, hire the best outsourcing companies in Florida.

What are keywords?

A Keyword is the central theme of the content. According to SEO, it is the words & phrases called search queries that people enter into the search engine for desired results.

Types of Keywords

  1. Transactional keywords-Users use these keywords when they are in the buying mode in the sales funnel.

example: Digital marketing companies in Cape Corals

  1. Informational keywords- When a user asks questions to the search engine, they use these keywords. People are generally in the awareness phase of the buying journey.

example: What is digital marketing?

  1. Navigational keywordsWhenever users type in a company or brand, they perform a search called navigational search. They already know this company or product and want to find the correct website to get to their products.

example: Nike shoes

Some tips to enhance keyword Rankings

  1. Proper keyword Research-This is very important. Determine the search volume & completion of the keywords. The ideal keyword should be of low competition & high search volume but at first, you should understand the user’s intent.
  2. Keyword Placement-Sprinkle these keywords in the content of the website. Use these keywords in important places H1 or H2 headings
  3. Title & Meta description- Optimize the Title & Meta description. Sprinkle the primary, secondary &related keywords here.
  4. Loading speed- It is one of the most important ranking factors. Loading speed in both mobile & desktop should be very good.
  5. 404 Custom page-It should be present there
  6. Map- It should be present on the contact us page.
  7. Footer– Contact information should be present in the footer of every page.
  8. Vlog /Blog– Blog should be written according to EAT guidelines. A vlog is the video version of a blog & increases CTR.
  9. Broken link-If you have broken links then your keywords will never rank.
  10. Link to Authority Sites- This is basically off-page SEO. This should be done with a lot of patience & creativity.
  11. Create superb lead magnet-This is mainly done to entice customers to your website.
  12. Give discounts-This will ensure a lot of leads to your website. If quality leads visit your website then Google will automatically rank you.

Today digital marketing has a lot of significance. This is not only promotion but a way of life. Marketing is a platform to bring two sets of people closer. When this function is performed over the internet, it is called Digital marketing.