What is Conversion rate? How it can be improved?

Conversion is very important for any business because at the end of the day sales matter. It is tiresome to measure conversion rate, we have to eventually do it. But if you incurring losses in your business, hire one of the best outsourcing companies in Florida.

What is the Conversion rate?

In simple words the no. of visitors coming to our website- those who are buying our products /total visitors of our website. This is the Conversion rate.
Suppose we have 12,000 leads browsing our website. Among these leads, 1500 of them converted. So, conversion rate=(1500/12000)* 100= 12.5%

Conversion rates are of two types

  1. Micro conversion-Submitting a form, downloading free PDF, time spent on your site, registering as a user, etc.
  2. Macro Conversion– Making a purchase on the website.
What are the tracking devices in Conversion tracking?
  1. Google Ads
  2. Google analytics
  3. Face book Pixel
  4. Twitter Ads
  5. Abode analytics
Why does Conversion tracking need to be done?
  1. We would get Conversion data of our website, how many people are browsing our website.
  2. We can see whether any campaign is successful or not.
  3. We can measure the success of any marketing strategy.
  4. We can see the conversion rate of all the pages on our website

How Conversion rate can be improved?

  1. Write the contents of your page according to Google’s EAT & YMYL
  2. Put as much video as possible.
  3. The blog page should address any problem, relevant & correct information.
  4. Put the background color according to neuromarketing.
  5. Try to produce a creative and effective call to action on your website.
  6. Often use infographics on your website.
  7. Add a pop-up to your site.
  8. Add testimonials and reviews to your site.
  9. Offer a money-back Guarantee
  10. Try to install the live chat option.
  11. Implement an offer on our website.
  12. Plan an event and install a timer on your website. According to neuromarketing timer gets a lot of traffic

Conversion is the ultimate thing for any business, whether offline or online. So measuring conversion tracking is very important. This is so because at least we can implement strategies to improve the conversion rates.  By looking at conversion tracking we can judge how successful is a business. Since the Conversion rate is linked directly with profit, so people consider it super important