The management of data is important for the progress of all organizations. The decision-making process of the company and its competitive response is totally dependent on the reliability of data. The success story of the company is determined by the accurate data entry services as it helps to track the financial transaction, production, and sales of the company. It is the process of entering important information into the CRM or database in a computer program so that the existing data collected can be further used for future analysis. The business mainly needs outsourced data entry services which are caused by the accurate entry of data. Our professionals are concentrating on the best ways for the consistent growth of the company. We worked with an expert team who is highly proficient to handle marketing and coding data entry, project management, and graphic design.

At SIS, our specialist team delivers a variety of online data entry services that gives it a high rank as compared to other companies. We offer a variety of IT-enabled services that include data entry, data conversion, and data processing executed by our experts to offer unparalleled services to our customers. This tends to enhance productivity and facilitate managerial pressure by outsourcing data digitalization, data entry services, and offshore data entry work. We always fulfill your demands regarding offshore outsourcing services at a very cheap price.

At SIS, our consultants of data entry offer certain permanent and temporary services such as data entry for internet research, telecom data entry, general data entry, copy-paste data entry, crowdsourcing data entry, and much more. We aim to create a trustworthy platform to deliver data entry services at a rapid process. Our dedicated team focuses on the needs of data entry services and operates the entire process with optimal precision and quick results.

A) Data Processing

  • Data Analytics

The BPO agents interact with the customers randomly and this process causes a huge amount of both unstructured and structured data in the form of text and audio. On one hand, the call data keep track of the incoming calls, service levels, the time needed to resolve the issues, and the ratio of abandoned and handled calls. On other hand, customer data helps to measure the sentiments and satisfaction levels of the customer. The business value of the BPO space is measured depending on our experience. Its value is determined by advanced analytics that influences certain key aspects:

  1. Call Management: The business costs vary on the duration required by the BPO agent to resolve the issues of the customers. AI help in automating the process that optimizes the costs. At SIS, we have created automated and accurate-time scheduling and a tool of resource optimization that has helped them to reduce the costs of the service.
  2. Customer Experience: The analytics of the call center enables the agents to access the critical insights and data to work rapidly and smartly which tends to improve the growth of the company and relationships between the customer and the BPO agents. Analytics has a huge role to realise the behavior of the customers and on the basis of it, it helps to recommend the relevant services or products. Thus it enhances the revenue and growth of the company.
  3. Issue Resolution: The analytics helps to simplify the categorization process of the data of the contact center by constructing a predictive model. This promotes a better service model for customers that is gained by capturing the nuances of client chats with BPO centers. This metric has a great impact on reducing the churn rate of customers.
  • Data Collection:

At SIS, we employ the use of latest technology and automated tools to automate the data collection process and drive accurate data. The professionals work across different time zones to extract data from various websites in any size or format. We have taken an approach to enhance the improvement of the business and deliver better outcomes and experiences. We collect audio data in different languages from different sources and deliver effective solutions as per their demands of demographics, language, and audio format that in turn promote the applications of voice-enabled software. We also collect text-like data from different sources for various applications of deep learning and machine learning, technology, and software that helps them to realize the human language in the text format.

  • Data Cleansing:

The effective utilization of technologies, automation, and tools helps us to filter and remove the chaotic datasets gathered from different sources. Our experts normalize the irregularities de-duplicate data, add values that are missing, remove erroneous values and outliers, etc to create ready data for operating the complex analytics and algorithms. 

It helps to detect irrelevant details and remove inaccurate data and maintain suitable valid data. It performs integrity checks and reduces inconsistencies and helps in the elimination of errors. This verification process of data helps SIS to execute the analysis, and strategies and initiate a decision-making process in a better way. It helps to enhance the productivity of the company and concentrate more on generating revenue. Thus it enables SIS to compete effectively with its rivals and gain a competitive advantage in the global economy.

  • Data Mining:

This data mining method initiates the process of examining the data from various aspects and rephrasing it into valuable information. It helps to enhance the revenue of the company and thereby increases the margin of profit. The experts operate the process to judge the connections among internal facets like product positioning, and price and several external facets such as competition, economic indicators, and demographics of customers. This helps them to improve sales, and corporate profits and enhance the level of customer satisfaction. It enables SIS to realize the future trends and historical patterns of the company. This information helps the company to expand the range of customers and thereby enables the company to achieve its business goals.

  • Data Conversion:

Data conversion can be considered as a process of transforming the data from one setup to another so that it can be used in a variety of applications. It is mainly used to migrate the information from the existing databases to the fresh ones and determine whether your data is transformed in an accurate way. At SIS, we work with a crew of highly qualified professionals that manage the data efficiently and undergo the entire process of data conversion in the best possible way.

  • Data Visualization:

At SIS, we use Power BI tools and tableau to explore, connect and envision your data. We analyze data in a convenient and pleasing way and in a meaningful format. We have a team of visualization experts who discover the relationships of disparate data with your data to reveal vital information, easier and faster. The experts analyze the data through interactive and rich data visualization to execute business decisions effectively. This help to promote the sales and marketing of services and products and thus enhance the growth of the company.

B) Documents Processing

  • Excel Data Entry

MS Excel is used for the management and maintenance of databases. It is an essential tool for SIS to keep track of business transactions, leads, and other functional records. It is often required to convert or extract the data into the desired configuration for a better understanding. At SIS, we have the talents and tools to deliver efficient services to our customers by quickly extracting the data from the database of MS Excel.

  • Typing Data Entry

The data entry services give rise to data entry typing services at an affordable cost. We have our experienced workers and tools to perform the typing and data entry services to satisfy our clients. Typing is considered a method of copying documents from one reference to another with the use of computers and typewriters. SIS adopts the process of outsourcing professional Transcription and Typing Services to get reliable, fast, and authentic typing solutions. SIS offers you the personnel you required in online Transcription & Typing Service that is highly convenient and at an affordable cost. 

  • Survey

It is very important to operate surveys to learn about the market needs and opportunities to enhance the growth of the business. The survey includes the process of collecting data through a questionnaire based on the opinions, likes/dislikes, and preferences of the customers. It has become a logical step to undergo the survey of outsourcing data entry services to realize the demands of the customers. At SIS, there is a team of highly skilled experts who perform the survey process efficiently. They accumulate your data, operate it, and deliver it in an accurate way without any defects. The whole process undergoes numerous steps of verification and validation to make sure of the exact assistance you required and deserve.

C) Data Entry Services

  • Mortgage Data Entry:

At SIS, our experts help in the deed processing activities for a mortgage. The services mainly include Processing, Entry of Deed for Mortage, and Extracting Data from Deed Documents. We serve as your private contact center to listen to your queries and to give effective solutions. This leads us to set up Outbound or Inbound contact centers that lead to enhancing business sales. It also imposes telemarketing services, vendor support, and cold calling and promotes International and Domestic calls for the customers.

  • CRM Data Entry

Customer relationship management is a sort of software that improves the relationships of companies with their clients and customers. It enhances the need for CRM data entry services in the market. It helps to attract new customers thereby improving the profit margins of the company. SIS has a team of highly skilled professionals who manage and operate huge volumes of CRM data. We focus on the reliability of the data and make sure that it is valid and updated. We eliminate duplicate contacts carefully and segregate the customer base to promote the cross-selling and up-selling of services. This enables us to increase the satisfaction of the customer and streamline the operation and thereby helping the company to achieve its business goals.

D) Additional Data Entry Services

  • Bookkeeping Data Entry

The company keeps records of financial transactions on a daily basis such as bookkeeping and accounting services. SIS is home to teams of experts who possess the vision, experience, and resources to deliver bookkeeping services that satisfy the specific demands of the organization. We are focused to offers incremental and transparent solutions to our clients that tend to enhance the growth of the company. We use the latest technology and industry tools to manage the bookkeeping processes of our clients from beginning to end. Our experts know how to apply these resources in a better way to deliver high-quality services to our customers. Thus it enables the company to maintain its accuracy and achieve its business goals.

  • Insurance Data Entry

At SIS, we are focused to offer quality Insurance data entry services to our customers all around the world. We provide all the data processing solutions to our clients regarding insurance at a very reasonable price. We use the latest and modern collection to refer relevant data to our clients. We look for data from different sources, even from rivals to offer you the best productive data. Our teams of data entry experts also deal with the latest producer books to develop a trustworthy platform to perform tasks according to the demands of our clients.

  • Quickbooks Data entry

At SIS, we have a team of highly skilled experts who deliver effective QuickBooks data entry services such as sales, customer information, and inventory and also make sure that the recorded reports are free of errors, well documented, and feasible for the operating of business procedure on a regular basis. The data is entered on the basis of recorded information from sales invoices, bank statements, receipts, purchase orders, and bills. We enter the data into the system and apply certain specialized coding to undergo the entire process. We are committed to delivering cost-effective, premium quality, and time-saving services to our customers. Our focus is to satisfy our customers and attain a competitive advantage in the global market.