The technical support help desk is a critical factor offered to the customers to make their life easier and more comfortable.   The help desk keeps a record of technical issues faced by the customers and offers a solution in order to solve the issues. It is a sort of assistance offered by organizations to aid the customers to deal with troubleshooting issues or streamlining solutions to the problems. The organizations use this service to deliver 24*7 support to the customers. It enables the company to offer round-the-clock and responsive assistance to customers.

At SIS, we appointed highly skilled employees and adopted the latest technologies to modify data from one configuration to another in a well-organized way. At SIS, we deliver a continuous solution to fulfill the requirement of data management of all their clients. We leverage dedicated databases and servers, premium infrastructure, and smooth delivery systems. We deliver 24/7 technical support to our customers all over the world. Our assistance is based on customized reporting and definitive performance norms. We not only serve as a call center but also as a reengineering of the business process. We are executing strategic value to streamline our business process and for cost-cutting to outsource technical support worldwide.

The Outsourcing of Technical support entails transitioning the non-voice or voice technical support operation from an agent to an external assistance provider or a third party. Our aim is to offer knowledge about the product and user information about the product and technical support round the clock. This help the company to provide greater significance to the growth of the business.

In today’s business world, the significance of supporting customers is rising as there are several options available in the market for customers to select cost-effective and quality products. The technical service and support received by the customer from SIS after-selling of products is a crucial aspect to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. We are dedicated to resolving all sorts of technical problems faced by customers with effective solutions. Our team of experts is working day and night to deliver premium value to customers. With the use of technical assistance skills, we determine the root cause and the origin of the technical problem and aim to resolve the issue as fast as possible to attain the customers’ satisfaction.

Nowadays, Technical Help Desk can be referred to as an information center for customers. At SIS, we deliver quality technical support to assist you in several things. We operate a wide range of services to our customers such as pre-sales and post-sales support, telesales, product support, network tech assistance, onsite tech assistance, technical support call center, technical support and applications, remote support, and management services for remote IT infrastructure. Our experts are highly qualified to handle the call of the customers and manage the reengineering of business processes and deliver possible solutions to satisfy the demands of customers with ease.

The Technical Support Services offered by SIS are as follows:

  • Troubleshooting

It is one of the major problems that is required to be deciphered to run the process successfully. With the advancement of technology, more products are launched with innovative usage and necessities, as a result, skills, and knowledge need to be updated successively. Sunshine Info Solution realizes the importance of upgrading with more skills and knowledge to match the modifications of technology. Therefore, we give training to our specialists to employ a methodical approach to deal with all the technical problems of the customers. They need to find the origin of the issue, have to diagnose the problem properly, and will finally recommend an effective solution to solve the problem.

Our team of experts is highly qualified and experienced and delivers services 24*7 and resolves all sorts of problems of the customers such as technical difficulties, product errors or product malfunction.

  • Repair and Installation

Our representatives of technical assistance are committed to helping in the repair and installation of products by communicating and delivering practical solutions to the customers. Our team analyzes and looks after all the technical issues by determining the problems and discovering the grounds for errors and providing an end-to-end solution to the customers. We are concerned about the fact that our experts have sufficient knowledge about the products, systems, and services so that they can elaborate on and guide the customers with their application of it.

  • Product Safety Check

At SIS, our agents always take a proactive approach to serve the customer in a better way. We survey the performance of our services and products by acquiring feedback from the customers. This enables us to manage, check and secure the performance of their services and products, which in turn enhances the experience of consumers.

The Benefits of Technical Support Services are as follows:

  • Real-time support

We are dedicated to assisting customers at any time of the day whenever they face any sort of technical problem. We give 24/7 technical support service to the customers so that we can solve their issues at the time of their occurrence.

  • Improves services and products

We interact with our customers to get feedback on the products and services offered by us. This helps us to receive real problems and complaints about the products and services. The review of the customer enables us to improve the customer experience and to provide technical support to solve the problem of the customers.

  • Improves customer service

We are well trained to employ scripts of the call center to follow standard and consistent responses to the customer. The call center script is a sort of drafted response guide that helps the technical service providers to deliver the correct solution while communicating with the customer. The customers are always in want of decisive action from us and a script helps us to perform the entire service of assistance in an effective way.

  • Deliver an overall consumer satisfaction

We are focused on outsourcing IT support to maintain software and systems in service for consumers. We deliver technical assistance to fix the problems regarding the product and services and offer end-to-end solutions to the customers. We are committed to serving the demands of the customer and thereby attaining the business goals.