Is Virtual Assistants Crucial today?

Is Virtual Assistants Crucial today?

From the very beginning, marketing is prevalent in human society. Even today marketing is evolving and in the age of digital innovation, it is still upgrading itself. Whatever the situation might be, it is not possible that there will be no marketing. As long as there are humans, marketing will be there. If you are incurring losses, you need to do something. Hire one of the best outsourcing companies in Florida. They provide virtual assistance services.

Who are Virtual Assistants?

These are people – who do the work for you on your behalf.  They need not sit in an office room of yours – they can just do it in their on their own setup. They need no resources, they have their own ones.

Is Virtual assistant a good career option?     

Definitely, yes. They earn anything been $12 to $31 per hour. This is not bad.  After the pandemic, everything has become like. Again these services are very cheap compared to a full-time salary. So there is some gain on the side of businesses.

Skills of a Virtual assistant

  1. Reliability- He should be trustworthy
  2. Communication– Should be very communicative.
  3. Time-Management-Should know when to do what
  4. Resourcefulness– Should have a lot of resources.
  5. Self motivated-Should be motivated.
  6. Organization-Should be experienced
  7. Creativity
  8. Typing speed
  9. Detailed oriented
  10. Accounting- Should have some knowledge of accounting.

Some Statistics

    Annual Salary                     Monthly Pay

Top Earners          $115,000     $9,583

75th Percentile    $100,000    $8,333

Average                $67,115        $5,592

25th Percentile       $31,500    $2,625


Work of a virtual assistant

  1. Jot down all finance-related details and records.
  2. Daily posting on client’s social media.
  3. Answering calls of client’s customers.
  4. Emailing clients customers
  5. Doing client projects.
  6. Booking tickets and arranging travel.
  7. Calendar schedule management
  8. Promoting on behalf of clients.
  9. She/he engaged in content creation activities.
  10. She/he should manage the finance of the client.

Websites to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

  1. Indeed
  2. Time etc
  4. We Work Remotely
  6. People Per Hour
  7. Up work
  8. Fiverr

   Companies that hire virtual assistants

  1. Belay
  2. Boldly
  3. Equivity
  4. Randstad
  5. Va Va Virtual Assistants
  6. Tawk. to
  7. Profit Factory

You are a manager of the corporate then virtual assistants actually help small business owners. There is no need for offices, no tax, and no training; Virtual assistants will do the work for you. The best thing about virtual assistants is that we don’t need to give them training.

How can Account based marketing help small businesses?

How can Account based marketing help small businesses

Marketing is a communication tool by which marketers sell their goods to consumers. Actually, a market is a hypothetical place where buyers and sellers meet and engage together. But if you are suffering from fewer sales syndrome- the cure is- hire one of the best outsourcing companies in Florida.

What is Account-based- marketing (ABM)?

ABM marketing is a B2B strategy in which the marketing team and sales team try their best to convert any consumer who is best fit to get converted. In this type of marketing business generally, businesses expect to get a high ROI. The businesses must ensure to give their best services as conversion, in this case, is confirmed and any business can expect word of mouth marketing.

What are the problems that ABM can rectify?

  1. By implementing ABM any business can clearly track clearly defined Return on Investment (ROI).
  2. ABM is highly targeted towards consumers who have a high propensity to convert. So actually a lot of time and resources are saved.
  3. You are going to see a lot of engagement with your users while implementing ABM.
  4. During normal times generally, sales and marketing departments don’t cooperate with each other. But during ABM there is no such problem. Both the departments are cooperating well.
  5. Sales are generally increased when implementing ABM.

What is the difference between ABM & traditional marketing?

  1. Traditional marketing is very broad & ABM is very specific.
  2. ABM saves a lot of time & resources. This is not the case with traditional marketing.
  3. ABM is called 1 to 1 marketing. Consequently, traditional marketing is 1 to many marketing.

Why should we implement ABM?

  1. ABM is less time-consuming.
  2. The conversion rate is high in the case of ABM.
  3. ABM ensures more sales.
  4. ABM drives too much ROI.

Must do to implement ABM strategy

  1. The first task is to identify your highly paying audience or accounts.
  2. Discover accounts and identify key internal players
  3. Identify the influencers and decision-makers and focus on them.
  4. Determine if the market is profitable enough.
  5. See if the buyers can be reached easily.
  6. Ensure that there is proper demand for the product.
  7. If you have a website then make sure that the website is having a proper user experience. If you are having an offline setup- make sure to answer every call.
  8. Create a social media account for your business.
  9. Invest heavily in Social media ads and Search Engine ads.

ABM is the best marketing that is used to attract leads whether offline or online. In this type of promotion – marketing is done on one basis, so conversion is guaranteed.

How can Blue ocean strategy & porter’s five forces help small business?

From time immemorial people have been trying to improve sales. We call these measures- strategies. Sometimes these measures become very effective and businesses prosper. But if you are incurring losses, then hire the best outsourcing companies in Florida. For ages people have been inventing these strategies; Porter’s five forces and Blue Ocean strategy are just strategies like them.

What are Porter’s five forces?

This is no market strategy but a tool to review market competition effectively. Porter’s five forces are:

  1. Competitive rivalry-this force shows us the level of competition in the market. High competition is not good for business and vice versa. When rivalry competition is high, advertising and price wars start, which can hurt any business.
  2. The bargaining power of suppliers-This force shows how powerful the suppliers are. If the suppliers demand more money, this signifies a loss for the business. It has become a rule- the fewer suppliers there is the more power they have. Businesses are in the best position when there are many suppliers.
  3. The bargaining power of customers- This force determines the power of the consumer. When there are a lot of consumers; their power increases. The opposite is also true. Sometimes consumers are distracted by cheap money.
  4. The threat of new entrants- This is the fear of entry of a new player in the game.
  5. The threat of substitute products or services-It is fear that customers of a particular brand will switch. This fear exists when there are a lot of producers in the market.

This is how we have determined the nature of the market and now let us focus on the blue ocean strategy.


What is the Blue Ocean strategy?

It is a marketing strategy that states – the total market are divided into 2 segments

  1. Red Ocean-all the industries of today, the known marketplace. The worst feature of this is that the market is full competition. The demand is not very good in this ocean. The suppliers & consumers all are the same. No differentiation among products.
  2. Blue Ocean-It includes all the industries nonexistent today-unknown marketplace. Blue Oceans are vast and deep in terms of opportunity and development. Blue Ocean Strategy creates new market segments.
Blue Ocean Strategy
  1. Tap uncontested market space. This is done by introducing new features in the product.
  2. Try to make the competition irreverent by offering new products.
  3. Create new demand by inventing new product usage.
  4. Do proper pricing research before fixing a price. Low price is associated with this type of strategy.

If you want profit then implement the blue Ocean strategy. Many companies follow this strategy to profit. Netjets, Quicken, Canon, iTunes, Starbucks, Netflix, and many more.

How can an accountant help small business?

From time immemorial accountants have been helping small businesses to grow and operate properly. It is a blessing to small businesses as accountants make the owner’s life easy and small businesses can now focus on their core business area. It will enhance their skills and production. But if you continue to incur losses, hire one of the best outsourcing companies in Florida.

Who is an accountant?

An accountant is a professional who has been given the duty of maintaining financial records and analyzing them. They are usually given the duty taxation of an organization.

Qualities of an accountant

  1. He should be meticulous and detailed oriented.
  2. He should be good in Mathematics, Commerce, and Finance
  3. He should stay updated with the latest happenings in Accounts.
  4. Above all he should be honest- he should not reveal vital information about the company to competitors.
  5. He should have some knowledge of graphs and charts so that he can analyze them.
  6. He should be knowledgeable enough to take firm decisions.

Types of accountants

  1. Certified Public Accountant
  2. Management Accountant
  3. Chartered Accountant
  4. Auditor
  5. Forensic Accountant
  6. Government Accountant
  7. Investment Accountant.
  8. Financial Advisory


What work does an accountant do?

  1. Keeping all payroll data, making and processing monthly payroll data.
  2. Dealing with internal & external auditors for completing audit reports.
  3. Dealing with billing and explaining accounting policies to staff, clients and vendors.
  4. Planning and reviewing budgets, revenue, and expenses.
  5. Preparing profit and loss statements, planning and reviewing them.
  6. Handing any accounting discrepancies.
  7. Recommending and building financial databases and computer software.
  8. Ensuring the regular working capital needs of the organization.
  9. Arranging loans for the organization which gives the best offer.
  10. Deals with the lawyers regarding company law of the USA.

How do accountants offer great help to small businesses?

  1. They will help in the loan application process. A loan for a business involves a lot of documentation and risk especially if you are dealing with a venture fund; an accountant can make the entire process very simple.
  2. Analyze all documents and contracts and see if they are profitable or not.
  3. Help in estate planning and trust planning. Estate draws taxes. The accountants are responsible for that.
  4. They are capable of helping lawyers tackle any legal problem.
  5. They see everything related to Taxation. It is an accountant who keeps the business running

An accountant is a common face in every organization. Today’s small business can’t ignore an accountant’s contribution. Can you locate any business which doesn’t have an accountant? The answer is obvious. No.

How did digital marketing help Locksmiths?

Locksmith means “one who works with metals”. The importance of a locksmith is immense in our society. From time to time we call for them for emergency reasons. They are surely a boon to our society and it is they who try their best for our security. But if you incur losses repeatedly then the best thing you can do is to hire one of the best outsourcing companies in Florida.

Who is a Locksmith?

He is a person who is a professional & trained to work with locks & keys. He can replace, break and mend locks &keys. In the USA locksmiths are available generally work 24×7.

Why do we need to call a locksmith?

  1. Lost or Stolen Keys
  2. Moving into a New Home
  3. Broken keys
  4. Damaged locks
  5. Better home security
  6. Lost combinations.
  7. Installing Single-Key Access

Why do we take locksmiths seriously?

  1. Family security
  2. Restricts trespassers
  3. Ensures privacy.

How to promote Locksmiths?

  1. Website– The best recommendation that we are giving is to get a new website. It gives identity to your business. This is a very good time to make it online.
  2. Online Ads-Google is very famous in the USA. So you can trust Google ads. Also, try youtube ads. This is very good for branding purposes. You can also try Yahoo & Bing Ads. You can also distribute flyers to neighbors.
  3. Online Directory-Make is sure to register in all local directories.
  4. Discounts– If you want to increase sales of your business, then you have to discount. This is done to lure customers
  5. Freebies– In today’s world, sales are not possible without giving freebies. You can promote freebies by providing very good lead magnets.
  6. Increase the loading speed of the website– This is very good for improving the CTR & ultimately the conversion rate of the website.
  7. Social media-Harness the power of social media. Let the people know about your business. Interact with them. Invite them to your social media page.
  8. Try SEO- Another way you are going to increase sales is to try SEO. This is organic & non-paid. SEO takes some time but work.
  9. Expertly- Show your knowledge by posting your pictures & videos. The videos of yourself doing said work.

During the lockdown, every business has suffered, so has this business. But after the locksmith business is picked up. Yes, digital marketing can help & will help. Traditional marketing is over and any business nowadays will be in a big problem if it does not have a digital presence

How can neuro-marketing help small business?

Neuro-marketing has revolutionized the marketing industry. This is certainly a boon for small businesses. Neuro-marketing is not linked to inbound marketing nor outbound marketing; it is linked to consumer behavior. But if you suffering from fewer sales syndrome, then hire the best outsourcing companies in Florida.


What is neuro-marketing?

Neuro-marketing is a mixture of neuroscience and marketing. It helps to increase sales of a brand by utilizing the emotional side of human nature. The neurons react to certain receptors – businesses have identified these responses and applied these things in present or future marketing campaigns. Neuro-marketing can help brands better understand their audience’s buying patterns.

Components of Neuro-marketing & how to measure them?

  1. Brain imaging(EEG,fMRI)
  2. Facial encoding(FaceReader, FER)
  3. Sensory Marketing.
  4. Psychological technique


How can neuro- marketing help the Small business?

  1. Implement the FOMO concept of marketing– Fear of missing out is a great strategy to increase sales; the consumer thinks that he will miss the if he doesn’t purchase now.
  2. Psychological Pricing– Most retailer uses this strategy. In this strategy, the consumers think that charged with less money, which is not true.
  3. Attractive packaging– Often consumers prefer good-looking packaging to regular packaging. Many company’s revenues depend on packaging.
  4. Creative ads– The businesses produce some attractive and creative business landing pages to lure customers.
  5. Website performance-The good performance Homepage or landing page may instill a lot of confidence in the mind of the consumer. This good performer is the site loading speed.
  6. Consumer behavior is understood- Human scan technology eg, fMRI, EEG, fNIRS, etc are capable of revealing consumer preferences. So it is a topic of debate.
  7. Because of Neuro-marketing, we can easily decipher important marketing concepts based on human behavior.
  8. Facial Encoding-Neuro-marketing has converted the art of interpreting facial expressions into something of a science. The movement of eyes, movement of muscles – each and everything says something. There are 7 facial: anger, contempt, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, and surprise. It is implemented through a convoluted neural network.
  9. Hidden patterns- With the help of facial encoding we might discover some hidden patterns related to consumer buying.
  10. Sensory Marketing- It can help certain products to sell on the basis of physical attributes.
  11.  Branding- Sensory Marketing makes brands unforgettable, it is very good for branding purposes
  12. Demand-Through neuro-marketing we can access the demand in advance and produce according to that.

Disadvantage of Neuro-marketing

  1. There is no privacy in neuro-marketing
  2. A lot of skills are required for neuro-marketing.
  3. It is a very costly process.
  4. May go wrong.

Neuro-marketing is definitely a boon to small businesses. But there is a problem with this type of marketing. Many say that it is unethical. I think it is ethical when the primary motive is just to study consumer behavior. Anything apart from this is unethical.

How can virtual assistance business help small business?

Today in this age of globalization, small business is very common in every economy. But the problem is that it is very difficult to operate a small business, so we should have some solution to help small businesses. Yes, a virtual assistant is a professional who can help small businesses. If you are still incurring losses, then hire the best outsourcing companies in Florida.

What is a virtual assistant? (VA)

A virtual assistant usually works from home or from any other place apart from your own business site or works entirely in some different country.  A VA generally works as a freelancer or independent consultant and works on behalf of your company. A VA is not your direct employee but works as a contractor. The VA’S are very much skilled in their own field.

How can virtual assistant businesses help small businesses?

  1. The VA’s are not your employees.-So you don’t have to pay them salaries too. This is a huge relief for any small business. Therefore they need less working capital.
  2. The VA’s are experts in their own fields. These people specialize in a particular stream and help businesses.
  3. You can get the work from VA’s anytime and anywhere. In other words, they are very flexible.
  4. Office-We don’t need an office for the VA’s
  5. VA’s can handle our social media accounts.
  6. They can schedule your interview/ meetings with others.
  7. They can make the planning of your travels.
  8. They are responsible for updating the database
  9. The VA’s sometimes can make sales on behalf of you.
  10. They can provide us with bookkeeping services and accounting services.
  11. They can help to create and promote our websites.
  12. We can focus on our core business.

There are a lot of things VA’s can do to help small businesses, ultimately making them robust. So, this business is really a boon for small businesses. I do think that VA’s were created to help small businesses to grow.