How to improve keyword rankings on the search engine results page?

Keyword ranking is very important today. Most of the products are sold through the search engine results page (SERP). So keyword ranking is important. As in the USA, 82.95% of the people access Google SERP, we are considering Google as the standard SERP here. But if you are still incurring losses, change your digital marketer. There are some problems with your keywords, hire the best outsourcing companies in Florida.

What are keywords?

A Keyword is the central theme of the content. According to SEO, it is the words & phrases called search queries that people enter into the search engine for desired results.

Types of Keywords

  1. Transactional keywords-Users use these keywords when they are in the buying mode in the sales funnel.

example: Digital marketing companies in Cape Corals

  1. Informational keywords- When a user asks questions to the search engine, they use these keywords. People are generally in the awareness phase of the buying journey.

example: What is digital marketing?

  1. Navigational keywordsWhenever users type in a company or brand, they perform a search called navigational search. They already know this company or product and want to find the correct website to get to their products.

example: Nike shoes

Some tips to enhance keyword Rankings

  1. Proper keyword Research-This is very important. Determine the search volume & completion of the keywords. The ideal keyword should be of low competition & high search volume but at first, you should understand the user’s intent.
  2. Keyword Placement-Sprinkle these keywords in the content of the website. Use these keywords in important places H1 or H2 headings
  3. Title & Meta description- Optimize the Title & Meta description. Sprinkle the primary, secondary &related keywords here.
  4. Loading speed- It is one of the most important ranking factors. Loading speed in both mobile & desktop should be very good.
  5. 404 Custom page-It should be present there
  6. Map- It should be present on the contact us page.
  7. Footer– Contact information should be present in the footer of every page.
  8. Vlog /Blog– Blog should be written according to EAT guidelines. A vlog is the video version of a blog & increases CTR.
  9. Broken link-If you have broken links then your keywords will never rank.
  10. Link to Authority Sites- This is basically off-page SEO. This should be done with a lot of patience & creativity.
  11. Create superb lead magnet-This is mainly done to entice customers to your website.
  12. Give discounts-This will ensure a lot of leads to your website. If quality leads visit your website then Google will automatically rank you.

Today digital marketing has a lot of significance. This is not only promotion but a way of life. Marketing is a platform to bring two sets of people closer. When this function is performed over the internet, it is called Digital marketing.


How can Machine learning help small businesses to prosper?

The word called “Machine learning” is not new to the marketing world. For digital marketers, machine learning is a channel to make quick data-driven decisions effective for business. If you see carefully most of the tools in digital marketing are because of Artificial Intelligence. If you see in machine learning- polynomial regression, logistic regression, clustering, etc- all actually help in the marketing of businesses. But if you are still incurring losses in your business, don’t ignore, hire the best outsourcing companies in Florida.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning learns itself and improves functioning from historical data without being explicitly programmed. It focuses on computer programs to learn by themselves with the help of past experiences. The primary focus of machine learning is to make machines independent and smart.


Types of Machine learning

  1. Supervised learning-Historical data are needed here.
  2. Unsupervised learning-Historical data are not needed.
  3. Reinforcement learning– Based on the trial and error concept.

Why machine learning is effective in Marketing?

This world is based on probability. Every business decision is probable. Nothing is certain. All the decisions (data-driven) are probabilistic in nature. The role of machine learning in marketing are-:

  1. Clustering– There is a concept of Segmentation in marketing that says to divide the whole population into different homogenous groups. This is basically needed for an e-commerce store or a retail store or any shopping mall. Common algorithms-k-means clustering
  2. Market Basket AnalysisDo you know what items to put besides butter so that maximum people buy butter. Well, association rule mining does exactly the same. This algorithm is very famous among marketers. Common algorithms-association rule mining.
  3. Predicts Sales price-If you are a broker, builder, or common flat owner then sales price can be determined. Also, the net revenue of a company in any year can be determined. Common algorithms-regression
  4. Churn Rate forecasting--Suppose some of your customers want to switch. This is called the Churn rate. We can predict churning customers. Then we can take strategies to retain those customers. Common algorithms- logistic regression, support vector machines, random forest, etc.
  5. LTV forecasting- -It is actually the total profit that is expected from a customer. This is a very good metric to take decisions. -If the LTV is very high, then we can do a big investment. But if the LTV is low, we can go with some less investment. The common algorithms are logistic regression, xgboost, random forest, etc.
  6. Recommendation systemBy this, we can recommend what customers want. This theory is based on Euclidean distance. A common algorithm is k-means clustering.
  7. Google ad words -Most of the algorithms in Google ads (expect manual bidding) are based on machine learning. These bidding strategies provide the best result when used with historical data.
  8. Chatbots -These things are very popular today. Most of the websites today implement chatbots.
  9. Time-series Prediction- -This is useful for seasonal businesses. We can predict the sales of something related to time.
  10. Search Engine- -Digital marketing is dependent on Search engine and search engine learns by the principle of machine learning. Therefore it is dependent on machine learning.

In the coming few years’ machine learning is going to completely change the concept of marketing. One thing is for sure that it is a boon for small businesses. Till then let’s keep our fingers crossed.

What are metrics used to determine success of a marketing campaign?

Marketing campaigns help businesses/companies to connect to the public, understand their problems and bring one solution for them. If your business has no website-then marketing will be troublesome to measure the success rate. Well, if you want to profit then hire one of the best outsourcing companies in Florida.

What is a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign is a long-term plan or strategy. There is one goal here- to increase sales and visibility of a particular product or service.

Types of marketing campaigns

  1. Traditional media campaign.
  2. Seasonal push campaign.
  3. Products launch campaign.
  4. Brand awareness campaign.
  5. Rebranding campaign.
  6. Brands launch campaign.
  7. Contest marketing campaign.
  8. Email marketing campaign.

What is done in a marketing campaign?

  1. Set a Goal-this is a business goal related to the sales of specific products or services.
  2. Determine a suitable budget for this thing.
  3. Choose your target audience.
  4. Select your channels of promotion.
  5. What is your marketing message? – frame it.
  6. Measure your success rate.
  7. If possible, compare your results with your competitors.

Some KPI’s to determine success

  1. Return on investment (ROI)- This is the most commonly used metric. Your net income /total cost of the campaign. Suppose you spend Rs1000 on Google ads and in return, you got Rs4000. Then ROI is(4000/1000)*100=400%.
  2. Cost per Lead-It is the cost involved to get each lead.
  3. Conversion Rate- This is a cost incurred by a website to convert a customer into buying customer.
  4. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)- This is the total worth of a customer to a business during their relationship.
  5. Cost per Acquisition– This metric relates to the acquisition of new customers. It is the cost incurred to get new converts.
  6. Website traffic– Many website visitors mean more conversions and more sales.
  7. New v/s returning visitors-This one is a very important metric. Any new visitors may visit your webpage but if they return, it means there is something good on your website.
  8. Sessions– This metric measures the number of total visits your website gets, even if several are from the same visitor. For example, a customer may shop in the morning and return to the site in the evening, and you count both as unique and individual sessions.v\
  9. Bounce rate-It means no. of visitors who left your site after visiting your site via your landing page. Bounce Rates indicate disinterest, lack of quality content, and slow loading speed.
  10. Email Open rate– It is the rate at which someone opens your email address.

Well, these are some well-known matrics to determine the success of a marketing campaign.

What are some best ways to optimize the landing pages?

A landing page is a page where the user comes to your website for the first time. We all know that the first impression leaves a long-lasting mark. So we must optimize our website/landing pages. This is generally done to attract customers. But if you are not generating sales then definitely your landing page is having some problems. Hire the best outsourcing companies in Florida. We have designers and conversion specialists- who help us to design the ideal landing page.


What is a landing page?

A Landing page is a single web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It is the place where a visitor enters after they click on a link in an email, or ads from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or similar places on the web. There is some difference between a landing page and a Home page. A Home page – can be accessed from anywhere on the website. On the other hand, landing page addresses cannot be found anywhere on the website.


Why it is so important?

  1. Most B2B businesses use it to generate leads and ultimately conversion.
  2. Very good for branding
  3. Paid ads are very expensive. So people are bound to make landing pages seriously.

How optimization is done?

  1. Be Sure and specific about the message you want to convey to your clients. Customers must understand what your landing page is about.
  2. Make sure that all the call to actions is clear and absolute.
  3. Use relevant pictures and videos to increase the Conversion Rate.
  4. Don’t use pop-ups on a landing page.
  5. Try to keep your landing page clutter-free.
  6. Measure the success rate of your landing pages. You can A/B testing.
  7. A thank you page is a must with a landing page.
  8. The content of the landing page should be relevant according to the service or product.

Best Bid Strategies to be used

  1. Manual Bidding-It is not a smart bidding strategy. No machine learning is involved here. It is for those who had just started PPC.
  2. Cost per View– It is a bidding strategy mainly implemented for video views.
  3. Target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)- It is a smart strategy. It aims to meet our costs on ads spend. It is better to avoid it if you don’t have historical data.
  4. Maximize Conversions–Here you have to select a daily budget and Google’s algorithm will bring maximum conversion at that cost. It is better to avoid it if you have scanty historical data.

Well, this is a complete saga about landing pages. People generally take landing pages very seriously because sales are attached to them. Optimize your landing and standout in the Cloud.

What are the ways to generate leads by your Small Business?

The Covid-19 pandemic caused much turbulence in the economy of the nation. A small business is more hit by the following pandemic. But now the situation has improved a lot and small businesses have started to incur some profits. But still, if you are incurring a loss, then change your digital marketer! Hire the best outsourcing companies in Florida.

What is lead generation?

It is the process to grab the interest of probable customers, who can buy your products in the near future. It is basically a form of Probable customers- enquiring about services or call from potential clients or an email & direct message from a would-be customer.

Lead generation process

  1. Direct Contact-Remain in contact with your previous and your probable customers. If you are B2B business, it is always better to be in touch so that if there is demand, your name crops up.
  2. Keep in contact with CXO’S-These people are the decision-makers in every company. Keep in touch with them.
  3. Local business– Make sure that you have a Google my business account. List your business in all the famous listing sites in your locality.
  4. Use LinkedIn– LinkedIn is a powerful social media because all the business-minded people are here. This can be an excellent source of leads.
  5. Use paid advertisement-You can use Google, Bing, etc for advertisements. Implement remarketing strategies on your website.
  6.  Refer-Ask satisfied customers to refer your business. This is promoting your business to your customers.
  7. Trial– Run a trial of your business. Don’t run the trial for more than 15 days.
  8.  Offer– If you want leads on your site, then provide a good offer.
  9.  Discounts– This is a super way to bring leads to your website.
  10. Webinar-Organize a webinar and draw a lot of traffic
  11.  Podcast– This can generate a lot of traffic. A podcast is a live interview of some influencer.
  12. Hire an influencer– This technique also provides rich results. The fan of the influencer can become your lead.
  13. Blogs, Vlogs, and Videos– These are very powerful aspects of your website.
  14.  Provide free PDFs-Provide free PDFs to drive traffic to your site.
  15. Use of Social media– This will bring a lot of leads to your site. Sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are very famous here in the United States. Hell lot of people visit these sites
  16.  SEO-Solid but cheap way to bring long-term leads. It may take 6 months to 1 year to rank any website.
  17. Forum posting-This activity too brings qualified leads. But if you try to do any spamming your account will be banned

Lead generation is very necessary today. It is very difficult to find qualified leads. This is a huge problem that most websites face. Irreverent people visit them with no conversion. So, it is well established that lead generation is tough. In this blog, I have discussed strategies to generate leads. Implement them and all the best.



What is Conversion rate? How it can be improved?

Conversion is very important for any business because at the end of the day sales matter. It is tiresome to measure conversion rate, we have to eventually do it. But if you incurring losses in your business, hire one of the best outsourcing companies in Florida.

What is the Conversion rate?

In simple words the no. of visitors coming to our website- those who are buying our products /total visitors of our website. This is the Conversion rate.
Suppose we have 12,000 leads browsing our website. Among these leads, 1500 of them converted. So, conversion rate=(1500/12000)* 100= 12.5%

Conversion rates are of two types

  1. Micro conversion-Submitting a form, downloading free PDF, time spent on your site, registering as a user, etc.
  2. Macro Conversion– Making a purchase on the website.
What are the tracking devices in Conversion tracking?
  1. Google Ads
  2. Google analytics
  3. Face book Pixel
  4. Twitter Ads
  5. Abode analytics
Why does Conversion tracking need to be done?
  1. We would get Conversion data of our website, how many people are browsing our website.
  2. We can see whether any campaign is successful or not.
  3. We can measure the success of any marketing strategy.
  4. We can see the conversion rate of all the pages on our website

How Conversion rate can be improved?

  1. Write the contents of your page according to Google’s EAT & YMYL
  2. Put as much video as possible.
  3. The blog page should address any problem, relevant & correct information.
  4. Put the background color according to neuromarketing.
  5. Try to produce a creative and effective call to action on your website.
  6. Often use infographics on your website.
  7. Add a pop-up to your site.
  8. Add testimonials and reviews to your site.
  9. Offer a money-back Guarantee
  10. Try to install the live chat option.
  11. Implement an offer on our website.
  12. Plan an event and install a timer on your website. According to neuromarketing timer gets a lot of traffic

Conversion is the ultimate thing for any business, whether offline or online. So measuring conversion tracking is very important. This is so because at least we can implement strategies to improve the conversion rates.  By looking at conversion tracking we can judge how successful is a business. Since the Conversion rate is linked directly with profit, so people consider it super important

How Digital Marketing will change in the coming decade?

Marketing and Digital marketing are not two different concepts, but the latter is the improved version of the former. From time immemorial, we have advanced ahead; it is our nature to march forward. The new advanced form of marketing is helping us to sail across the Doldrums with great speed. Why I am favoring digital marketing because of some reasons which I am going to reveal in a while. But if you are not  happy with your  digital marketer switch to  one of the  best  outsourcing companies in Florida

What is Digital Marketing?

Any marketing activity done online is digital marketing. In this type of marketing, the seller does not come in direct contact with the buyer.
This marketing is passive in nature, we can call it indirect marketing.

Some Channels

  1. Internet.
  2. Email.
  3. Podcast.
  4. Webinar.
  5. PDF.
  6. Whitepapers.
  7. Blogs & Vlogs
  8. Videos.

Why Digital marketing?

  1. It is very cheaper than traditional marketing.
  2. Promotions done via the above channels are digital marketing.
  3. In online marketing, specific targeting is possible which is not there in traditional marketing.

Digital marketing is a big thing & the changes in the coming decade.

  1. Most people prefer digital media over traditional media.
  2. Video & streaming video are emerging content of the next generation.
  3. All the smart bid strategies are created using machine learning.
  4. Augmented Reality and virtual reality are going to the digital future of advertising. In this decade, advertising will be only through AR technology.
  5. Social media is going to rock in the coming decade as it is rocking now.
  6. Easy to learn and implement.
  7. All the tools in digital marketing are made using AI technology. AI is going to stay in the coming decade.
  8. Search by typing will surely be obsolete. Most people will search by voice search.
  9. Contact centers will be filled with bots, robots, and spiders Instead of Humans.
  10. Yes, it is true that this era will take a lot of jobs of humans, especially those who are in the documentation sector. Automation will be present everywhere.

There is no difference between digital marketing and marketing. The former is a division of the latter. Only the medium of application is different.

How to benefit from a customer support service?

Where ever we go in this world, we simply cannot do all work by ourselves. We need to delegate our work. In any organization, this is the standard procedure. But what is the solution if the shortage of manpower? In that case, we have to hire a customer support agency or staffing agency. Hire one of the best outsourcing companies in Florida. We also give customer support and staffing services.

What is a Customer support service?

A series of services related to a customer after which he will much benefit. Customer support is mostly about providing technical customer assistance by helping them resolve any issues they have with your products or services. Customer service, however, is about providing value by helping customers make the most of your products or services.

What are the benefits?

  1. It enhances customer loyalty and they tend to stick around the brand. Tremendous branding is done.
  2. Referrals are possible where buyers become your promoter.
  3. Upsell or cross-sell is possible. This will increase the company’s sales.
  4. We got to understand these people are experts in their field and consequently, our customers are producing value.
  5. Since someone else is doing the work, you now have the opportunity to focus on core business.
  6. Improves employee mental health
  7. It gives very good exposure to your business.

What services did people give?

  1. They listen to the customer queries and try to answer them or solve their problems.
  2. If you are short of manpower, these agencies provide the human resources. Sometimes they hire for your company.
  3. They sometimes take strategies for companies approved by you.
  4. They can take a loan for your company.
  5. They can do marketing for your company.

From the time of inception, we are taking help from others to achieve anything and we will continue to do that because we believe in the brotherhood.