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The HR consulting services in BPO are mainly focused on the strategic processes that are mostly required to gain the business goals. It enables the company to concentrate on the core processes of business and helps the company to increase its efficiency by assuring the performance in the area of human resources. HR consulting is mainly used to intensify the recruitment unit of a customer and operate the recruitment process of the company effectively. It is a great cooperative service that offers support to the customer in case of any issues faced by them.

At SIS, the HR management played a great role to enhance the loyalty of the employees. We always focused to satisfy the demands of the employees as it results in the growth of the company. We serve to fulfill the requirements and needs of the customers and offer effective solutions to develop a successful corporate relationship. Our experts are happy to assist you in different areas and at the same time help in business growth.

We offer qualified HR consulting assistance to our customers all over the world. Our dedicated team has the technology and knowledge to deliver comprehensive support to clients. SIS is specialized in developing, organizing, and executing HR Policies and processes. We employ the best practices to assist you in various aspects of employment administration and human resources.

HR consulting services help the company to attain growth plans. The HR experts of SIS help in the assessment of manpower, designing the organization, selection and recruitment process, compensation benchmarking, training analysis, and practices. Our attempt is to execute the proper business strategy to lead the company to the peak of success. 

 At SIS, the HR team helps the organization in lowering costs and value creation, enhancing productivity, and facilitating higher-quality operations. We help customers with premium standard services to satisfy their demands. The HR technology expends its utmost on analytics products and applications and on HR metrics. The HR metrics are crucial for refining the practices of people management. Our team of experts is highly skilled to use the HR metrics effectively. We assist customers consistently by delivering broad-based and comprehensive solutions and helping the organization achieve its business goals. 

At SIS, we are determined in helping clients and give them access to eliminate inefficiencies, and cutting-edge technology and diminish administrative costs. We undergo proper communication with our customers and offer proper support with cost-effective solutions. 

Free Business Consultation

Remteco stuff can increase your sales level, organize data in your CRM or research potential market.

Whether you run a small or big business, you need a sales team to take care of your business process. Sunshine info solutions can provide your company with a reliable sales assistance team that will save your time, cut down the expenses and increase income.

Our Experts Will Help You:

• Work with your CRM system
• Get in touch with leads via email or LinkedIn
• Research potential market and consumers’ interests
• Find prospective buyers using social networks
• Create presentations for your business partners or clients
• Raise your sales level
• Simplify the work of your main sales forces
• Satisfy your customers through great sales service
• Cope with other problems via the Internet

With the help of Sunshine info solutions, you get reliable assistants ready to work part or full time up to 5 days per week. To ensure high productivity level and performance each assistant works only with 2 clients maximum.

Why Should You Choose Our Services?

• Sunshine info solutions assistants will take care of your routine tasks. It’ll help you to save your time, money and release you from unwanted problems

• We offer fair and affordable prices for our services

• Our experts will become a reliable support for your sales team. Provide your staff with the opportunity to focus only on really important tasks

The Virtual Employees

Marketing is an important part of any successful business. And if the list of your marketing tasks is growing and growing, it’s just the right time to employ our services. We will help you to find a person whose skills will be of benefit to your company.

Sunshine info solutions Marketing Assistants Can Help You:

• Create unique and interesting content for your social networks’ accounts
• Get in touch with your customers
• Create effective marketing and content strategies
• Research your competitors
• Update your social media content
• Maximize your profit
• Do daily administrative tasks to guarantee the growth of your company

Why Should You Choose Us?

• Sunshine info solutions will do routine work providing your marketing team with the opportunity to save time and solve only important problems

• Due to our affordable prices both small and big companies can employ our services

• Choosing Sunshine info solutions you get access to reliable services

• We offer both long- and short-term cooperation

• Our professional assistants will provide your marketing team with dependable support

Recruiting Services

The satisfaction of the clients is the main goal of any company. And it’s impossible to reach it without reliable and competent customer support. However, if you want to cut the costs of maintaining new personnel and office rental, you can just ask Sunshine info solutions for assistance. We can provide you with professional support staff ready to satisfy all your customers’ needs.

Our Outsourced Customer Support Can:

• Provide your business with reliable 24/7 customer support
• Solve technical support issues your clients may face with
• Help your customers via phone, email or live chat
• Improve your help desk services
• Handle your customers’ requests to pass only the most important ones to your team

You Definitely Need Our Help If:

• You need help to cope with your customers’ inquiries

• Your company needs professional ready to work according to your requirements and standarts

• You want to save time and keep your team productive

Website Development

Nowadays companies face the need to handle tons of data. And it’s necessary to process each piece of information accurately. Of course, it may take a lot of time and money but with the help of our specialists, you’ll be able to get reliable data processing services without spending a lot of your resources.

Recruit Our Team To:

• Organise and process all necessary data
• Find and analyze new information
• Optimize your data management process
• Annotate all important pieces of information

Main Sunshine info solutions to Choose Our Company:

• You get professional help for a fair price

• We can provide you with a team of smart, inventive and trustworthy experts

• Our team will optimise your data processing in the shortest terms

Graphic Designing

Back office support is extremely important for any type of business. However, it may come at a cost. With the help of Sunshine info solutions you can get reliable back office support without spending a good deal of money.

Sunshine info solutions Experts Will:

• Take care of your calendar, financial and CRM management
• Handle all back-office routine tasks
• Guarantee effective and punctual email correspondence
• Process your customers’ orders

Why Should You Choose Our Company?

• Our multilingual professional team guarantees high-quality services

• Choose us to save your time and spend it on the solution of the most important tasks

• We will help you to keep your data in order

Digital Marketing

In case you want us to help you cope with another task that may be done remotely, get in touch with us and we will discuss your requirements and expectations. We’ll provide you with a necessary specialist or create a professional team to accomplish your task.

Benefits of Choosing Our Outsourced Company:

• You don’t need to waste your money on office rental

• You get a professional team ready to start working immediately

• Each member of our team has a university degree, knows English and has knowledge in different fields

Sunshine info solutions is located in Europe, Ukraine. Due to the convenient time zone, you’ll be able to control the hired team in case there is a necessity.

BPO KPO & LPO Services

We support all the Brands and Devices. Like Apple, Window, Linux etc. We give the best solutions of any kind of device at any time.

Business Funding

Our Telecom support team is one of the most robust and functional units. We have integrated these services within our service delivery network of Sunshine Info Solutions to help our clients achieve maximum benefits from us. We want to ensure that each of our corporate customers is able to strategically reach out to their customers. With over years of experience in the business we have gained that knowledge and expertise to suit all your requirements from start to finish. We guarantee that our experience will exceed your expectations. Allow us to do it for you at a very competitive price.

Sunshine Info Solutions helps businesses rendering telecom management services to their customers. For them, IT resources are vital to ensure their day to day operations. This helps them achieve seamless connectivity with their customers. In case there is a technical snap in the process, our technical team steps in and resolves the issues within a very short period of time. We understand that your time is money and needs are important so we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction work. Our team of experienced and highly skilled professionals take pride in every service provided to our clients on time and on budget.

No job is too big or small for us. We are always available for our customers to help them conduct disruption free business. We help, understand and give advice to our clients up until they are not satisfied. Once you reach out to us we guarantee you can keep peace of mind that you are in safe hands.

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